We help you build the products you need to run your business

Our software products free up time and help you to focus on making more money. We know how to save millions of dollars using software automation. If we can’t save you money, or if we can’t make you money, we don’t want to build it.

Lorne Redmond, CEO, Software Artist

Knows how to build enterprise software applications with staying power. One masterpiece he built for ADP was in production for 15 years.

Has been building .Net applications ever since the advent of .Net in 2002.

Over 20 years experience building software applications ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies.

microsoft certified professional

Lorne Has Provided Code For:

Perfection is in the Process

We build our software products so that they are maintainable. We use industry standards in the work we do.

You always retain your intellectual property rights. The source code we build for you is yours.

We know technology. We love technology. We know and love technology.

We build things right. Not fast.

Latest Software

Logíque Countdown Timer

Designed to help you track the elapsed time for your meetings and events. The timer will tick down the time in minutes and seconds as appropriate and display the time remaining. When the allotted time is completely used up, a buzzer will sound – indicating that the time is up.

Did You Know…?

New Genealogy Software to Save Thousands of Man Hours

We live in an age of technology and information. Yet genealogy is still behind the times. It can take months, even years, for a genealogist to track down a single person. Many of them long to learn their family’s story, but can’t go forward until they find out who...

8 Things You Should Know About Logíque

1. How much does it cost? It differs per project. We know costs matters. We consult with you before the project begins to discuss the project scope and the costs that can be associated with it. 2. When do I get to see my project? Each week you get a demonstration of...

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